I Think I'm Officially Disenfranchised

With Hillary Clinton winning Ohio and Florida primaries on Super Tuesday, I think I am officially a "disenfranchised" American voter...short of a miracle.

So like most other disenfranchised Americans, I guess I'll tune out now. It's actually kind of awesome that I can now ignore American politics until November. I'll probably vote for Clinton as the lesser of two evils when the general election comes, if it looks like a nail biter race. I'd say any Democrat ought to beat any Republican in a landslide, but that assumes good voter turnout, and with lowest common denominator candidates on both sides per usual, I don't think that's a valid assumption. The apathy voters just won't make the effort for Clinton.

So I'll assess the polls around Halloween and if it looks like my one meager vote might swing the election, I'll consider giving it to Hillary Clinton, the lesser of two evils. But until then I am leveraging it, pledging it to the Green Party until the chips are really down. Because I want Clinton to go above and beyond the bare minimum and really appeal to progressive Democrats and apathy voters. It bothers me more than it probably should that Clinton was once a Republican, because that label has so much vitriol these days (thanks Donald Drumpf).

Swearing off politics for a while. Ciao.

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