Rocking the Reptile Palace

The GUPPY EFFECT show at the Reptile Palace rock club in Oshkosh WI this past Saturday night (3/12/16) was a huge success and went even smoother than anticipated. I had lined up the gig a couple months ago, securing a couple other bands to support the bill (A DOG NAMED SEX and SATELLITE ECHO, Fox Valley locals). GUPPY EFFECT played in between the other two bands and our set was solid, given that we'd been rehearsing songs hard the past few weeks.

The venue wasn't packed or anything, but the draw was decent. It's a smaller venue, so it doesn't take a lot of people to make it feel full. Daylight Saving Time took a 15 minute bite out of all the bands' sets, since an hour was lost at the end of the night. We still got to play most of our songs though and only dropped two or three of the weaker ones.

Deborah and I road tripped up to Oshkosh in the late afternoon on Saturday to meet my buddy Todd and his fiancee Beth for dinner at 6 PM. They were gracious enough to host us and let us stay overnight at their house, so I treated them (music business expense). We went to the Fox River Brewing Co (formerly Fratello's) right on the Fox River, where my band mates Stefan and Verge met us too, and we had a great meal before heading back to Todd's to hang out before the show.

Deborah captured video of GUPPY EFFECT performing my original rock-n-roll song "Nixon" at the show, complete with biffs, and here it is.

The only down side of the gig was that all the band members had to drive separately and we didn't make much money at the show, so I think we barely covered our gas expenses, much less our other costs, like food and drink. But those in attendance said they really enjoyed themselves and the music, so I think we made a good impact. On the up side, the Daylight Saving Time clock switch meant we got out of the venue about an hour earlier than usual for a gig night, a little after 1:30 AM I think, which was nice. Normally when I perform at the Reptile Palace, we all go out for late night all you can eat pizza buffet after the show (it's a college town after all). But we skipped the hedonics this time around, and I don't regret it, because that kind of gluttony usually leads to poor sleep and indigestion and feeling crummy the next day.

As it was, when we got up early on Sunday morning to leave I felt pretty good, albeit tired from insufficient sleep. I took Deborah to the New Moon Cafe in Oshkosh for breakfast before we cruised back to Madison on Sunday. I pushed through the rest of my day attending the Bos Meadery open mic in the afternoon and the Funks Pub open jam stage in the evening. I am probably going to host the Bos open mic on Easter Sunday 3/27/16, so I will have to come up with a good atheistic or polytheistic theme for that.

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