I guess the feature presentation of this weekend for me is the GUPPY EFFECT show at the Reptile Palace rock-n-roll club in Oshkosh (b'gosh) WI on Saturday night. It's GE's first official rock show of 2016 (I consider my birthday show back in for January as more of a private party) and it's both a road gig and our debut show at this particular venue.
That being said, the weekend unfolds something like this...

I'm working today (Friday) for a few hours, starting at noon. This is a preambulatory 10 minute free write, which I always like to do before work to get the writing juices flowing. I'll break for dinner with Deborah when she gets home from work about 5:30, then work a couple more hours tonight.

We work out for an hour at Orange Theory tomorrow morning (Saturday), around 8 AM. That will supply me with the endorphin surge that ought to last through GUPPY EFFECT's hour long set of rock at the Reptile tomorrow night. During the day, I have a couple of objectives. The primary one is to hone GUPPY EFFECT songs to make sure everything is super solid, principally a new song we are debuting called "Roundhouse." I wrote it for FAWM a few years ago, but only now have sufficient band stability to work it up for live performance. It's a challenging number and I have to give kudos to my bandmares Stefan (guitar) and Verge (drums) for working hard to make it sound good. Secondarily, I want to put in a couple hours or more on a photo project I am helping Stefan with. That will generate a little "road scratch" for the road gig (gas, food, etc.).

We are heading up to Oshkosh about 4 PM so we can have dinner and hang with my brosef Todd and his fiancee Beth, who are hosting us at Todd's house (the Todd Majal). We are taking them out to dinner when we roll into town about 6 PM. We'll probably head down to the Reptile about 9 PM to load in our gear and chillax until the bands unleash their fury between 10 PM and bar time. After the show, it is tradition to refuel at the all you can eat pizza buffet at Cranky Pats, a few blocks away from the venue, but that may not happen for reasons beyond the scope of this post.
We'll roadie back to Madison on Sunday morning by way of a breakfast stop at the New Moon Cafe in Oshkosh. I want to hit the open mic at Bos Meadery on Sunday afternoon and then, per usual, I'll head to Funks Pub in the evening on Sunday to live stream and participate in the open jam there.
Fulfilling musical weekend ahead, if all goes to plan.

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