What's New?

How are things with you? Leave a comment below. I'd love to hear what's new in your life. I post fairly regularly here and I know I have a few regular readers (Hi Mom!), but it's rather a one way dialogue and I would like to change that. The whole reason they include a comment space below each post is to get conversational feedback. I know life is busy and hectic, but you can spare two minutes, and besides you should allow yourself some time to relax and interact with the world.

For example, tell me what you think about Bernie Sanders (unless you are Bernie Sanders...he does read this blog!). I am a big Bernie Sanders fan, but I'm not dogmatic or ideological about it. I want to hear opposing views. I am open minded. I know everyone has different views and beliefs and I won't insult you for being wrong or dumb (See what I did there? Just kidding, I swear. I am just as dumb as you are...).

Anyway, things are good here in Wisconsin. I'm writing a lot and working on some classes. I just wrote a short piece for my flash fiction class and I'll probably publish it on this site in a few days. I am just waiting on some constructive feedback from some friends I shared it with. I might tweak it a little bit based on that, then throw it up on the Intarwebz for all the haters to throw their jealous firebombs at.

Last weekend my fun original rock-n-roll band, GUPPY EFFECT, recorded some demos at guitarist Stefan's house. Our main goal was to track drums, which we accomplished, and now we are working on getting the remaining tracks done. Drums are always the hardest thing to capture, so once that's done, the rest is pretty straightforward. I'll probably spend tonight pounding out any remaining bass tracks and then send the raw audio files to Stefan to start adding his parts.

It's supposedly date night tonight, but Deborah has succumbed to a power nap, so I am going to let her have some much needed rest. Ciao!


Anonymous said...

Good move not waking Deborah from her nap! Sometimes it's beyond rewarding just watching your soul-mate sleep. :) I am not a fan of Bernie's politics. On a personal level, he seems like a VERY good man. But his perspective about the relationship between government and the individual is not in sync with my world view. I'd like to see him beat Hillary, though. Her views are not in sync with mine AND she doesn't seem like a "good" human being...

Joseph Leonard said...

I respect that fully Shar. I don't have a problem with a bit of socialism - libraries, and roads, and the armed forces, and schools, important things that government pays for. America has always been a mix of capitalism and socialism and no one thinks Bernie will do away with Capitalism (how could he really?). With Citizens United and the Bank bailouts, it has shifted a little too far capitalist, sacrificing some of the social side, which explains Bernie's popularity in some circles. But that's just me. I love all my open minded and heterogenous American brothers and sisters. We all want the same things. Hate and fear are the enemies of us all.