Ed Force One Sighting

I learned something cool today. My sister Kate and I drove up to the Denver airport to pick up my parents, during which we spotted the rock band Iron Maiden's cargo jumbo jet (the band has a show in Denver tonight), nicknamed Ed Force One (flight 666, etc.). This led me on a short interaction with the Giant Internet Brain where I found out that the plane is actually piloted by the band's lead singer, Bruce Dickinson, who is a commercial aviator. That's pretty cool. The band had been using a Boeing 757 before upgrading to the 747-400 this year. You wouldn't think that the lead singer of one of the world's greatest metal bands would want or need to do anything else, but apparently it's both. He has been in aviation for decades and started his own air freight company in 2011, which allowed him to get the planes used by the band. The record label probably charges the band for tour transport and then pays Dickinson's company to do it. Genius!

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