It was some kind of volunteer work camp. There must have been a caste system. While we waited for instructions from the overlords on setting up our sleeping quarters, I felt a compulsion to take initiative. I quelled it, because I knew it would not be rewarded and I would be relegated to a lower caste.

I knew this in my gut from previous visits. The camp was completely not set up when I arrived with the other volunteers. It was easy to see what needed to be done to set it up. Why hadn't the overlords done it already? I didn't like them.

It was a test though. They wanted to see if we would take initiative and do what seemed obvious. The gear was in cubby holes and needed to be moved to the camp sites. But this was a trick. The overlords did not want free thinkers who acted spontaneously. They were watching for initiative takers so they could punish and humiliate them. There were nuances designed into the setup process, to mislead and confuse the novices.

I resisted the urge to take action. Instead I played dumb and just looked around mutely with the rest of the recruits. Then I woke up.

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