Rock Workshop

My Rock Workshop class via the Madison Music Foundry (MMF) culminated yesterday afternoon with my workshop band's performance at the High Noon Saloon, kind of like a final exam after eight weeks of writing and recording rock-n-roll songs.

It was a fun class and a nice group of musicians. I signed up for the class in early February. Normally, students audition and get placed with like minded musicians of a similar skill level. However, I was on a Caribbean cruise during the audition phase, so the organizers let me submit pre-recorded examples of my bass playing and they placed me appropriately based on that.

During the class, we wrote three songs from scratch and recorded them at Blasthouse Studios, affiliated with MMF, along with an already written song of my own that my classmates liked and learned. Recording was included in the cost of tuition for the class. The songs were put on a CD that we each received a copy of after our High Noon performance. We rocked the show pretty hard yesterday. Everyone put in the time to practice and polish the songs.

There is talk of doing some further rocking with this group, which we named REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY. Maybe I can get them down to Funks Pub for the Sunday jam.

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