Shut Up World (A Free Write)

I figured out on my smartphone how to silence you. Well, not you specifically. The world generally, and by inclusion in that, you. No that you're a bad person or anything. I just need you to shut up sometimes, so I can think. I guess if you really needed to tell me something important, you could come over and knock on the door. But I'll take my chances that most of the time, anything you have to say can wait until later. I have work to do. Important work. It might not seem important to you, but it has to get done, and when the world is leaking through to my conscious mind via my smartphone, that's distracting. I'm not a technologically savvy person. My smartphone is a useful tool, but as with all useful tools, there is a cost. My phone, email, and social media are rolled into my phone, presumably for convenience. But they are also distracting. For whatever reason, it's hard to ignore calls and texts and emails and social media, even though I've never received anything important on any of those things. When you take toys out of the line of sight of very young infants, they totally forget about them. It's only when you bring the toy into view that they reach out and desire it, and if they don't get to curl their stubby little snot covered digits around it, they will draw in breath in a long slow inhale that seems to defy time itself, then unleash it instantaneously in the form of a screaming wail that blisters your eardrums. Anyway, my time draws short for this post. I can now turn off the world while I am working and it is beautiful.

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