80s Night

Deborah and I cruised downtown to eat at Pizza Brutta last night after I picked her up from work. After gorging on excessive amounts of delicious Italian food, permitted on our weekly dietary "free day" that runs for 24 hours starting at sundown on Friday, we decamped to Genna's Pub downtown for a some beverages. It was a beautiful, cool night, the threat of storms significantly subdued by a falling dew point. 

A former coworker had texted me that she was coming into town and wanted to meet for drinks, although she may have been abducted by aliens because she never materialized. What did materialize was a cadre of 80s themed revelers who came into Genna's while we were there.

"That guy looks like Magnum PI," I commented to Deborah about one of the guys in the 80s group when they arrived. He was mustachioed and wore a Hawaiian shirt. In fact, that was exactly what the guy was emulating, his girlfriend (dressed as Madonna) informed me. His mustache lacked adequate girth, but it was a fair effort on his part. A woman in the group wearing a Van Halen tee shirt (a la "The Wedding Singer") cut me in line to use the men's room, an admirably bold move that ultimately led to our reveling with the group for a little while.

After Genna's, Deborah and I indulgently went for dessert at Hubbard Diner - lemon meringue pie and a blue moon malt. Spectacular evening...

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