Chimichanga Biking

This morning, I got up at the uncharacteristically early hour of 6:30 AM and, after drinking a large cup of fortified* coffee, set about prepping for the day's bicycling adventure, the Chimichanga Ride.

I donned my bike clothes and loaded my cruiser bike onto the rack on my car, then spent a few minutes chatting with Deborah until about 7:30 when she had to get up to go work out and I had to hit the road.

I drove across town to the east side of Madison WI to my friend Sherry's house where she and her BF Tyler put their bikes on my rack and loaded their bike gear and themselves into my car. We carpooled to Dousman (pronounced DOOSHMAN) WI by way of a breakfast stop at the excellent Crema Cafe.

I had biffed on RSVP-ing the organized social bike event from Dousman to Waukesha but the ride leader, Ron, let me sign on regardless. It was a bit chilly as we rode the 14 or so miles along mostly paved bike path to our midpoint destination, El Estacion Mexican Restaurant in Waukesha (food so authentic that Donald Trump wants to put a wall around it). We had a great lunch there, complimented with margaritas and Dos Equis beer. There were about 60 people on the ride in total, but due to differing travel speeds, people arrived at the restaurant in a staggered fashion, so we didn't represent a burden to the wait staff.

The ride back along the same route was much warmer and we made a pitstop for coffee at Mama D's coffee shoppe in Wales WI before arriving back in Dousman and loading back up for the car ride home. We got back to Madison about 4 PM, fairly road weary but quite satisfied with the day's fun. I am relaxing on the back porch as I write this and I might go take a power nap for a little while ahead of tonight's plans to go see a couple bands. Ciao.

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