Current Events

This morning, I did yard work for a couple hours. Then I had a fairly busy afternoon of Ubering. Now I am making a spot of dinner and if all goes well, Deborah and I will do something fun for date night tonight.

I had thought about doing a social bike ride with some peeps tonight but it is on the far east side of town - I am on the west - and it didn't make a lot of logical sense to drive my car a long way just to bike. That kind of defeats the purpose...

I suppose I could have biked to the bike ride, but again, illogical. I would probably bike more miles just getting to and from the starting point than the length of the actual ride itself.

In any case, tonight is really the only evening available for date night. I am helping Stefan move some furniture tomorrow night and GUPPY EFFECT has a band meeting on Wednesday night. Thursday night I have a writers group meeting (which reminds me...I need to submit for that). Then it will be the weekend already and that's booked up with Mothers Day shenanigans for Deborah. I have a bike ride on Saturday.

GUPPY EFFECT played a good show last Friday at the Frequency opening for a couple other bands.

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