Memorial Weekend 2016

I don't have many firm plans for this Memorial Day weekend. The only things set in stone are that I am hosting the Bos Meadery open mic on Sunday afternoon from 2-5 PM and that I'm the bass player assigned to the manifesting of a handful of Wilco (and predecessor, Uncle Tupelo) cover songs at Funks Pub around 7 PM Sunday evening.

I've penciled in some organized social bike rides for the early morning hours each day, but these are completely voluntary and secondary to higher priority diversions, such as Uber driving or inclement weather or both. I may squeeze in some Uber driving, but having already met my weekly metric for this, it too is flexible.

My friend and former coworker, Alex, informed me she will be in Madison tonight for a show and wants to catch up with me and another colleague, Danielle, over drinks in the early evening. I fully expect that to transpire, though I have no details as of yet.

Maybash music and camping fest is going on all weekend, but Deborah and I would only be able to attend on Saturday afternoon. Since none of my bands are playing, we would have to pay the full weekend entrance fee of $30/person and there are no single day passes, so it's a little cost prohibitive, even though supporting local live music is a worthy cause. It could still happen, but we will have to play it by ear as we see what the Cosmos throws at us.

Similary, Bratfest - the world's largest sausage fest - is also going on this weekend. Notwithstanding free admission, we have no plans to attend. The meat is underwritten by Johnsonville Brats, a company that also heavily underwrote the huge weener that governs Wisconsin, one Scott Walker. Deborah is still smarting, perhaps a bit dogmatically, from that whole Union busting thing Walker did, among other dickish things. The only attraction to Bratfest for me is that one of my preferred local bands, SUNSPOT, is performing at it. I could suspend my left leaning politics briefly to support them. However, they are slated to perform on Sunday at 2 PM, precisely the time that I will set down my goblet of mead and kick off the Bos Meadery open mic, one of the only inflexible obligations I have this weekend.

That being said, the alternate and much smaller sausage fest borne of Walker's and Johnsonville's tea bagging, Wurst Times Fest, transpires on Saturday afternoon, repleat with live music. It is considerably more probable that we will attend this than Maybash, not because of the talent representative of each, but rather because of the differentials in cost and distance from home. Wurst Times Fest takes place in downtown Madison, a considerably shorter commute from home than Rio WI, where Maybash happens.

In summary, I am basically takin' 'er easy this weekend, is what I am trying to say.

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