Weekly Update

Yesterday morning, I biked downtown for my weekly meeting with my Mastermind accountability group from 10 AM to noon. The round trip ride was about 15 miles. The weather forecast called for rain at noon, but that didn't come to fruition. I got home about 1 PM and showered before heading out to get some pretty flowers and a gift for Deborah in the afternoon. We met a year ago yesterday and it has been a great year. En route to running my errands, I gave a couple Uber rides. The skies unleashed their moisture as I was heading to the mall to look for a nice "anniversary" card, but the downpour was brief.

In the late afternoon, before Deborah got home from work, I practiced some Wilco songs on bass in anticipation of this Sunday's Memorial Day eve open jam at Funk's Pub, where a set of this band's songs will be showcased. Deborah and I made dinner at home and chilled on the back porch before I had to go to the Madison Music Foundry at 8:30 PM for a rehearsal of the Wilco material with the partcipating musicians, including Funk's jam organizer, Tyler. It went pretty well and we decided on arrangements we liked.

When I got home, Deborah and I watched a new TV show called "The Path," about a modern day cult and the trials and tribulations of a disgruntled member. The first episode was pretty good and we think we'll keep watching it. I had a weird and lengthy, but appropos, dream about Jeff Tweedy, the lead singer of Wilco, who was using the bands music to recruit people to his cult. But he had mixed feelings about exploiting and misleading people with his music, which is supposed to be sacrosanct.

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