06-05-2016 Part 2 - Winking Lizard

Deborah and I got up fairly late this morning and my parents already had breakfast well under way by the time we emerged from the guest room of their Akron OH home.

"Is there coffee?" I asked Deborah while I was still in bed.

"How should I know?" Deborah replied. She was already up and dressed. It was a fair question. She couldn't know. The caffeine dependent part of my brain just irrationally hoped she knew, and further, that the answer was yes.

Deborah asked my dad if there was coffee.

"There's instant," I heard my dad reply from downstairs, only to be repeated by Deborah.

"There's instant," Deborah said.

"That will suffice," I said, rolling out of the guest bed and pulling on my shorts.

After breakfast, we discussed options for the day and settled upon giving Deborah a driving tour of the city. We drove downtown, but being as it was Sunday, nothing was open, including the Quaker Square boutique mall we tried to get into. We made our way out to Peninsula OH by way of some country roads and ate lunch at the Winking Lizard bar and grill along the Cuyahoga River, which I give high marks.

In the afternoon, my parents went to a classical music show while Deborah opted for a power nap and I did a bit of reading. A thunderstorm rolled through, after which I too succumbed to a brief power nap. When we awoke, my parents were home, eating rhubarb pie with a couple of their friends. Deborah resisted the urge to eat pie. Instead she made a salad and I reheated some leftovers from my dad's 80th birthday feast the previous day. We sat around chatting until my parents' friends left. Now we are just chilling before we watch a little TV maybe...

It's been a relaxing getaway thus far. Tomorrow we'll hit the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, our only mandatory agenda item.

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