06-06-2016 - Hall of Rock

The date Deborah, my folks, and I chose to visit Cleveland's Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame was passably close to appropos (6/6/16). \m/

The excursion was a veritable marathon of interactive rock history that took us the better part of all day to accomplish, and we still felt like we hadn't seen much more than the tip of the iceberg by the time we called it a day and spent far too much money in the gift shop before heading back to my folks' house.

The current exhibit on rock-n-roll and politics was compelling and inspirational for me, both musically and literarally (if that's not a real word, it should be). Rock music can be a powerful force for good and persuasion, which is why the status quo establishment has often sought to quell it, historically. It can make people think and ask questions, both of which are very threatening to those in power. My sci fi book has a major music/politics theme, so I got a lot of good ideas from the exhibit.

In the evening, we took my folks out for an earthy dinner at the Mustard Seed Cafe, which resides inside the hippy trippy health food grocery store of the same name.

As a result of the action packed day, I didn't have much time or energy for writing in the evening, so I am authoring this post as Deborah and I sit in the Akron/Canton airport on Tuesday, waiting to begin the first leg of our trip back to Wisconsin. I'm looking forward to getting back. A local radio station in Madison has requested a couple songs from my band GUPPY EFFECT by Friday because they are covering the city wide MAKE MUSIC MADISON festival we are playing on June 21. We have a new song that is almost fully recorded, so I want to put the finishing touches on it and submit it before the deadline, along with another pre-existing song.

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