Fast Actin' Chillaxin

I wrote a bit today and submitted a short piece to my writers' group ahead of our Sunday critique meeting. It was under two pages, but I was submitting close to the wire, so I didn't want to submit anything too lengthy. Deborah read it and thought it was pretty good, save a couple typos. Here's a link if you want to read it. Leave a constructive comment for me here if you like.


Deborah's arrival home from work today marked the start of our dietary free day that runs for 24 hours from Friday evening to Saturday evening. We ordered pizza and cheese bread from Falbo's Bros and gorged ourselves silly. After we ate, Deborah fell into a deep food coma on the couch downstairs and I went to my study to correct the typos in the aforementioned piece of writing and submit it to my group.

Deborah's out cold now and I'm writing this on the couch with a sleeping dog on either side of me. I read a bit of the Golden Compass that I got as an ebook from the library. Now I'll probably get ready for bed and read a little of Bill Bryson's Australia book before I fall asleep.

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