I rounded out the weekend down at Funks Pub, rocking a solid set with my band GUPPY EFFECT. Ever since our marathon of rock a week ago Tuesday at MAKE MUSIC MADISON, we've been busting out some solid jams, really tight and potent with crisp vocal harmonies. Since we play mostly original music that is unfamiliar to 99.9999% of the populace, it is contingent upon us to rock our songs amazingly hard so that they can stand on their own merits. And we do. Our motto is "thrice the rocking power of other name bands," and that is the minimum level of rocking power we guarantee at our shows or your next show is free. Usually it is far higher than that. They are good songs, but presentation is everything when you are playing original material. Cover songs please audiences easily because they are recognizable and don't require as much thought from people who are not very musically discerning. Many audiences will prefer a cover song played sh!ttily over an original played awesomely. That puts GUPPY EFFECT at a disadvantage since we don't take the easy path to pleasing audiences by playing popular covers that someone else wrote. We write our own stuff - a lot of it I daresay superior to a lot of the well known songs out there - and we frost it with our rock sauce (the unique and tasteful mojo that each member of the band adds to the performance of the music).

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