I Like These Sorts of Days

I guess it's the second full day of summer today. It's a bit anticlimactic though, because it's a grey day, with a misty on-and-off rain and temperatures in the middle 60s. I actually enjoy days like this in the summer because it is a nice respite from the usual heat. To tell you the truth, I enjoy these kinds of days in winter too because they are also a respite from the brutal cold. That being said, a day like today in, say, February would be unusual and probably would inspire and inflame some debates on social media about global warming, repleat with a lot of TL;DR comments from armchair climate scientists.

I just finished reading "The Golden Compass," downloaded as a free eBook from the library. The download had expired, but I turned off my tablet's wifi connection before it did to prolong the loan by tricking the online eBook system. It was a strange tale. I mostly read it as reference material for the sci fi book I am working on. It's well written, so I was studying the author's writing style, and the story involves portals between universes, which is directly relevant to my story.

The Golden Compass is the first book in a series and my understanding is that it was written as a secular counterpoint to CS Lewis' Christian themed "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe."


Deborah Montgomery said...

What is TL;DR?

Joseph Leonard said...

TL;DR = too long;didn't read. like when someone leaves an epic but poorly informed rant in the comments section of an online news article. you just kind of pity them for wasting all that time typing something no one has the time or desire to read.