"I am going to counterintuitively look for seats right in front," I said, leading Deborah toward the most densely populated area of the Union Terrace, on the water, on the logic that it would be the least likely place anyone would look for seats and therefore the most likely to have seats, and I was right.

After we secured a table, I texted Sherry to see when she might be joining us.

"We are just locking up our bikes in front. Be right there." She texted back.

"We are right in front of the stage," I responded. She and Tyler mosied up a couple minutes later.

As we enjoyed the sunshine and some beer, I noticed some familiar looking people sitting nearby.

"Are my eyes deceiving me?" I rhetorically asked. They were not. It was my friend Alex and her boyfriend [Roy], whom we had not seen in a while. We fraternized with them a spell.

After decamping the Terrace, Deborah and I rode our bikes up State Street to the Capitol Square and perused the art fair that encircled it. There were many good artists.

We gorged ourselves on monster salads at Ian's Pizza near the square before riding our bikes back to Middleton to pop in at Deborah's folks' house and see them before they departed on a road trip to Yellowstone.

By the time we left there it was full on twilight and I put my bike headlight on as we rode the couple of miles home. The overdose of vitamin D from the Terrace and art fair wiped me out pretty good.

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