Fun Things Afoot

On Sunday, I'll debut with a new hardrock cover band at the Funks Pub jam, called SKOOLNITE BENDER. It's a power trio, the brainchild of Derek Reynolds, a local shredder, and a drummer, Cody Smalley, who was the drummer in Derek's former project, Alias Jones. I believe it's going to be ridiculously rocking because of the dangerously high talent quotient of the group and the fantastic repertoire of other bands' songs. That being said, the debut is kind of an experiment inasmuch as we are not having any rehearsal before taking to the stage to blow sphincters out with five rocking songs. We are learning and honing the tunes on our own based on specific versions obtained from the Intarwebz that we are all learning from. It should be interesting and amazing and I am geeked for it...

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