I Suppose

I should write something.

Deborah's and my long weekend up at the cabin is drawing to a close today. We drove up on Saturday and had a pleasant and largely drama-free time with my extended family.

Some drama threatened when the Democratic Convention started and Deborah and my mom - political junkies to be sure - started tuning in to it here and there. They largely did this in private though, sparing my soul undue torment.

I caught a whopper smallmouth bass yesterday evening on my fly rod using a popper, while my nephew Ty looked on. I usually manage to catch one or two fish of this magnitude each summer. I let Ty hone his beginner fly fishing skills on my alternate fly rod and he managed to catch a small bass before it got dark and we came in from the lake. I cleaned the big fish I had caught and we grilled up the filets ythis morning and shared it for breakfast. Yum. Deborah did not partake, stating that the thought of fish for breakfast "turns my stomach." She likes fish, but apparently adheres to a philosophy of no fish before noon, similar to the roxtar ethos of no rocking before noon, which I follow. So that tells me that Deborah must really like fish a lot. See the logic? No? OK then.

Earlier in the day yesterday, we all paddled down a slow moving segment of the Namekagon River north of here. The weather was superb and the experience was quite peaceful, punctuated by the excited yelps of my niece and nephew as they encountered several turtles and one aquatic rodent that was probably an otter, though possibly a beaver (no tail slapping observed) or a muskrat (it swam too fast and often dove underwater for several long seconds).

Our first full day up here was Sunday and as I recall we mostly just chillaxed. We went on a bike ride around the lake and tubed on it's wavy waters (storms on Saturday left behind high winds out of the south).

It's late morning on Tuesday. In about an hour, Deborah will be comfortable eating fish again. I am not sure when we will hit the road to go back to Madison, but there's no urgency to do so.

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