Everyone has a best path in life they should follow for optimal success. But how do you know what your path is?

There is no shortage of self help guides advising people on how to find their path to success and fortune, however people may define that. This suggests to me that there is a large demographic of directionless and unsuccessful people looking for guidance. Otherwise, why would you need such guidance if you were already successfully achieving your goals?

I cannot fault self help gurus for achieving their own success by exploiting the dissatisfied and directionless demographic. However, their success is based on their goal of being a self help guru, without which they would be directionless losers too. So their advice is really only useful if your goal is to be a successful self help guru like them, and that's not really a goal for most people.

I think the issue can be simplified. To wit, the difference between people who find their path and stay on it vs those who don't is VISION (or lack thereof).

When I was much younger - still in college I think - I took a workshop in creativity. The main takeaway from the workshop for me was that the creative process involves visualizing an artistic (or any) goal and then iteratively working toward the goal by constantly assessing where you are and where you want to be, to see if you are inching toward or away from the goal. Make changes in your life that redirect you toward, not away, from the goal. Keep doing this until you reach the goal.

The opposite of visualizing is taking the path of least resistance, basically going with the flow and letting circumstance set your direction. It's not impossible to attain your goals this scattershot way if circumstances are in your favor, but there's a very high probability of going in the wrong direction.

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