A Jam Packed Weekend

I'm performing at a house concert on Friday night in Ames IA. This is a preable to attending my buddy Nick's wedding on Saturday afternoon, also in Ames. Nick and I played in a band called FLYING TAXI in the 90s, whose other members will also be at the wedding. So you see where this is going. Some time during the reception, we're going to usurp the hired band's gear (with their pre-approval) and rock 5 or 6 of the songs we used to do.

On Sunday, I'll cruise back to Madison in a timely fashion in order to rock a short set with SKOOLNITE BENDER, my new hard rock cover band with Derek Reynolds and Cody Smalley, at the Funks Pub open stage. We are debuting 5 new (for me) songs, never before performed together. We learned them all on our own time. They are challenging tunes and I'll probably spend Friday morning honing them before I hit the road for Iowa.

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