Going Nowhere Faster

Andy gunned his BMW and shot past the right side of the Prius just before the two lanes of the highway entrance ramp merged into one. He cut in front of the Prius and as soon as he got past the concrete barrier on his left, he swerved across three lanes of commuter traffic to reach the carpool lane (speed limit: INFINITY), notwithstanding that he was alone in the car. He flicked on the Fuzzbuster attached to his dashboard with two rubber suction cups and floored the Beamer up to 80, zipping past the poor sots in the slower lanes. Since the car had heavily tinted windows, he felt confident that he wouldn't get pulled over for violating carpool lane etiquette and the Fuzzbuster had never failed him in eluding speeding tickets.

"You're late," his boss said as Andy strode into the conference room and sat down.

"I know. Sorry," Andy replied turning his palms ceilingward. "Traffic."

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