Sunday Funday 080716

Today, we shall abide the glorious weather provided by Big Mama Nature and get on our bikes and ride.

Normally our Sunday bike rides head in the general direction of West, toward Riley and/or Mt. Horeb, WI, and take place during the time frame known as AM. However, there are frequently variations to this trend and today's variance is that the ride will transpire in the PM time frame, though still in the westward orientation as indicated by a conventional compass.

There is an establishment in Riley, known as the Riley Tavern, that offers up a traditional Sunday morning pancake breakfast until 11 AM. Due to certain self imposed dietary guidelines that Deborah has, and a general distaste on my part for flapjacks, the low grade culinary offering from this country pub provides only a nominal compulsion to ride bikes there early enough to consume the high glycemic index fare - fare that quite handily negates the health benefits gained from riding bikes in the first place.

Riley is something of a way station en route to the grander destination of Mt. Horeb, generally, and the Grumpy Troll Bar and Grill, specifically. The latter venue offers no less a negative impact on wasteline girth and insulin metabolism than the former, but the combined additive effects of both venues are to be discouraged when possible regarding efforts aimed at good cardiovacular health and weight control.

The mildly altered time frame of today's bike ride was driven by the discovery that a musical group (aka a rock cover band) led by one of my contemporaries (aka Phil) will be performing an afternoon repertoire (aka set list) of proscribed compositions (aka cover songs) at Riley Tavern, starting around 3 PM. The consumption of rock-n-roll music is generally recognized as safe, except for people with certain pre-existing conditions,* and may actually contribute to improved mental and physical health and wellness, particularly when consumed in conjunction with booty shakin' (aka dancing). As such, we decided to ride our bikes to Mt. Horeb starting about 1 PM and upon our return journey we will, hypothetically, decamp to the Riley Tavern for a rock-n-roll aperatif.

Our plan is to transport ourselves and our bikes, via car, to the Verona (WI) Park and Ride lot, which lies about 6 miles east of Riley, arriving there at approximately 1 PM. We will then tool (aka ride bikes) the 13 miles along the "rails-to-trails" Military Ridge bike path westward to Mt. Horeb for a repast (aka food and drink) at the Grumpy Troll, bypassing Riley on the outward leg of the journey. On the slower (due to increased net weight and lethargy) return trip, a rest stop at Riley Tavern for some restorative rock-n-roll will most assuredly be deemed desirable. We plan to conclude our ride back at the Park and Ride lot between 5 and 6 PM, allowing me ample time to prepare for my appearance at the Funks Pub Sunday night open jam at 8 PM.

A fun day indeedy!

*Pre-existing conditions that are contraindicated for rock-n-roll consumption include, but are not limited to, the following: bluegrass snobbery, fundamentalist Christianity, drunkardism (not to be confused with alcoholism), douchebaggery, having sensitivity to loud noises, wallflowerism, being your mom, lack of inner monolog, lack of "soul" or "party spirit," and/or delusions of grandeur regarding ability to sing and/or play tamborine, cowbell or other rhythmic/percussive instruments with an unfamiliar rock band.

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