Another Library Book Crushed

I just finished reading "Deep Work" by Cal Newport, a book I got from the library that came highly recommended by my friend and Mastermind accountabili-buddy Wendy.

It met my expectations for excellence per her recommendation and was also very well written and clear. It basically describes in detail a strategy for accomplishing deep (read important and intellectually or artistically demanding) work in a shallow world of distraction and interruption. Everything Newport describes is easily doable. One just has to do it, which means blocking off time to do it and elimination the destroyers of deep work such as social media, email, and undesirable people (OK, the last one is my own add on based on personal experience in Corporate America). The only excercise he encourages readers to undertake that looks challenging is memorizing a deck of cards. He clearly outlines the method for doing so and it makes sense...I just haven't attempted it yet.

Another good book I got from the library and finished a fortnight or so ago was "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. That was a fiction novel, also beautifully written.

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