I Have Not Found a Good Live Streaming App Yet

Live streaming things is pretty easy, but all the apps suck. They are either too advertisement heavy or totally user unfriendly or impractical. Facebook's LIVESTREAM app is awful. I am kind of disappointed in Facebook's livestream team and hope they all get fired. I am back to using Ustream for most of my live streams, because it is the simplest and quickest, but pretty much nobody is willing to sit through the 30 second ad on the front end. That being said, thanks to all the somebodies who do tune in here and there. If it took more than two minutes to set up the livestream gear, I probably wouldn't bother. But since I can usually set it and forget it, the cost/benefit ratio is very minimal. Who knows, some day a million people might tune in as the ritual goat sacrifice that blesses the start of all my live streams goes viral.

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