The BIG Bike Weekend

It's time...


I host this annual bike ride over Labor Day weekend up at my folks' cabin in northern Wisconsin. I've been running it for about 17 years now, by my calculations, even when it was called BIKE WITH MELINDA and subsequently BIKE WITH OR WITHOUT MELINDA and eventually THE BIKE RIDE FORMERLY KNOWN AS BIKE WITH MELINDA until sheer popular demand forced me to call it what it has pretty much always been, BIKE WITH JOE (I don't like the limelight).

The bike ride itself is on Sunday of the long weekend. We rise at a medium pace on Sunday morning after a Saturday of arriving and socializing combined with water sports and festivities. Then we don our bike gear, mount our bikes, and tool off to a town called Stone Lake (usually), some 23 miles distant, stopping at several carb loading stations and a breakfast establishment. At Stone Lake we meet my folks (who often drive the support car) for lunch. Anyone not doing the long route (23 more miles back to the cabin with one steep hill near the end) can throw their bike on the bike rack and hop in the car to get shuttled back to the cabin.

We grill out and do a fire pit Sunday night. On Monday, people leave at their own pace after helping my folks tidy up the cabin a little (the price of admission).

Generally, the ride always has a few participants. One year I was the only one and instead of biking to Stone Lake, I did a 10 mile run/walk around Shell Lake, where the cabin is. This year, we have a couple of veterans and a couple of noobs on the ride, not including myself. It should be a good time.

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