Things Are Afoot

Today at my weekly Mastermind accountability group meeting, my free agent colleague Wendy and I prepared to launch our 100 Day Goals calendar. It's beyond the scope of this post but it's basically 10 structured blocks of 10 days focusing on achieving important primary life goals - kind of like Masterminding on steroids, but not literally...or at least that was not discussed. It kicks off tomorrow and ends on December 31, a mad push to conquer some goals by year's end. In fact, I need to prep my first 10 day block tonight after I finish this post.

Some music opportunities are opening up for me soon. With GUPPY EFFECT on indefinite hiatus for reasons discussed in prior posts, I'm whoring out my musical talents to other worthy bands. I have several gigs lined up with these bands over the next few weeks and months, with more to come, I'm sure. I need to learn and hone some songs to prep for these and I'm quite thrilled about that.

We've been having some crazy stormy weather this week. Meteorologically, it seems more like Spring. Deborah and I are leaning toward Hawaii for our winter vacation this year.

We went to the gym tonight and did weight machines and some swimming. I like going to the gym. I didn't think I would but the pools are a strong selling point for me. It feels great to swim and I can pretend I am on vacation. Honestly, my life right now is like one big vacation, pretty effing perfect. I'm doing a decent job of avoiding drama, including political. I accept that America is phucked, not because Donald Trump may win the election, but because he is even running at all. How is Hillary not trouncing him, and if she's unable to...is she the right person for the job? I'm hoping the media is just hyping it as a close race to win ratings and please corporate advertisers. I have to believe that to cling to sanity. But that's more than I even wanted to say on that topic.

Alright, I'd better go. Bye.

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