YOUR MOM Rocked a Great Show Last Night

Considering the 1.5 actual rehearsals that last night's incarnation of rock cover band YOUR MOM had before playing a full 4 hour show at Knucklehead's Pub in rural Eagle WI, it was an impressive show. It was a long drive from Madison to Eagle and the provincial crowd of regulars at the bar didn't seem to appreciate our efforts in firehosing them with some good rock-n-roll. So we said @#$% them and had a good time with the small set of attendees who were totally into us, most of whom had also driven some distance to see us, so we couldn't let them down. Most of the apathetic clientele at the roadhouse seemed to be country music fans, but for the most part they seemed pretty musically illiterate since even the few popular country songs we learned special for the occasion didn't get much of a rise out of them. We just treated it like a live (and paid) practice and we were pretty solid notwithstanding a couple biffs - to be expected. The up side of having an oblivious crowd of dolts in the bar was that even our most glaring biffs went completely unnoticed. Hahaha. Chumps.

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