3 is Not the Charm

Thrice now, my band SKOOLNITE BENDER has been denied our inalienable human right to rock.

This band, the brainchild of bandleader Derek Reynolds, has never had an actual organized rehearsal. Instead, we learn songs individually on our own at home, then show up at local "open jam" stages and rock them - what we call live practices.

But due to dumb reasons, the last three such jams have been canceled on us at the last minute - what we call weak sauce.

That being said and notwithstanding a dearth of these live practices, we will be rocking a full set of songs at the Funks Pub Halloween Party on Saturday Rocktober 29 and the intensity of it is sure to blister unprotected skin. Most people will be in costume though, so it should be fine.

Open jams are useful things for a vibrant live music scene, but they tend to be highly underrated by the public. They are a great way to experience a bunch of local talent all at the same venue on the same night (usually a school night) for free.


Do It For the Children

This evening, I am performing music at a benefit to raise money for children that the American Dream has been failing, called BOX OF BALLOONS. I am doing a set as CACTUS JOE (solo acoustic) and then I will play bass with cover band YOUR MOM.

There are lots of other bands too, like SUNSPOT, one of my local faves. It starts about 2 PM and goes most of the afternoon and into the evening. But not too late.


The Big Game That I Don't Give Two @#$%s About

In Madison WI, the Badgers are a sports team that a lot of people support and enjoy. I am not one of those people. It's not that I dislike them or support a rival team. I just don't much like or follow sports for some very valid reasons to do with free thinking and life priorities.

Anyway, word on the streets is that the Badgers are playing a big game tonight against a formidable rival, Ohio State, with a high likelihood of losing. Hopes are high for what aficianados call "an upset win," but the odds are stacked against. I'm not trying to be a naysayer. This is just math, and it doesn't lie, although I'll be the first to admit, I have no idea how odds are calculated in sports and it seems to be pretty much of a shell game as best I can tell.

Long story short, I'm going to chillax at home tonight, maybe practice some songs and watch some TV or a movie with Deborah. It might be a wise thing to go to the grocery store after the game starts, because it should be pretty deserted. On game days, most of Madison outside the area around the sports arena is a lot like the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

This morning, Deborah and I went to a 60 minute weight training class at our health club, after which I practiced piano for an hour, before meeting a potential editing client at Starbucks. I have been practicing piano religiously for an hour almost every day, as part of the 100 Day Challenge my Mastermind accountability group is engaged in through the end of the year. I set a goal to practice piano five times a week for an hour. So far, I have done so, and I am improving markedly, though I still have a long way to do. I've also been learning Spanish and Welsh via the Duolingo language app, meditating a minimum of 15 minutes, and exercising five days a week. It's an aggressive goals agenda, but with good time management, I am able to do it.


Yay Weekend and Stuff

Deborah and I are heading up to Oshkosh for the semi-annual Midwest Horror Film Fest on Saturday morning. We'll meet good friends Sherry and Tyler there and vicariously indulge our inner El Diablos with some heavy gore, torture, and murder (pronounced Mare Dare) all day and part of Sunday.

Then I'll cruise back to Madison Sunday afternoon and indulge my inner Hammer of the Gods laying down some phat bass riffs with the Kelsey Miles Band at THIS.

That should pretty much satisfy both my blood and rock-n-roll lusts for the weekend. I'll probably have to sacrifice a goat on Monday or Tuesday to appease the Old Gods, but whatevs.


So Sore

Deborah and I have been indulging in some of the free weight training classes offered at our gym the past couple of days, which has an almost 100% correlation with the extreme difficulty I am having moving. So sore.

I have to say the ab work is direly necessary though.