3 is Not the Charm

Thrice now, my band SKOOLNITE BENDER has been denied our inalienable human right to rock.

This band, the brainchild of bandleader Derek Reynolds, has never had an actual organized rehearsal. Instead, we learn songs individually on our own at home, then show up at local "open jam" stages and rock them - what we call live practices.

But due to dumb reasons, the last three such jams have been canceled on us at the last minute - what we call weak sauce.

That being said and notwithstanding a dearth of these live practices, we will be rocking a full set of songs at the Funks Pub Halloween Party on Saturday Rocktober 29 and the intensity of it is sure to blister unprotected skin. Most people will be in costume though, so it should be fine.

Open jams are useful things for a vibrant live music scene, but they tend to be highly underrated by the public. They are a great way to experience a bunch of local talent all at the same venue on the same night (usually a school night) for free.

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