Rock Tuesday Added to Lexicon of Consumer Related Day of the Week Memethology

Contact: Joe Leonard, ragbraijoe@yahoo.com

MADISON WI, November 28, 2016 - You've heard of Black Friday and Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Add Rock Tuesday to the memethology of silly consumerist day of the week monikers.
The High Metal Council today ruled to allow the addition of "Rock Tuesday" to the lexicon of pop culture memes after long and careful consideration of a petition circulated and submitted by rock-n-roll anti-hero Cactus Joe.

"The basis for the petition was sound," thundered Thor of Norse God fame, just prior to hurling lightning bolts at the Earth in a totally unnecessary display of raw power. "Material and electronic consumerism are well represented in pop culture, but rock-n-roll consumption has always been historically downplayed and undervalued and it's time we changed that."

"The basic premise of Rock Tuesday is to consume as much rock-n-roll music as possible in 24 hours," Cactus Joe said. "Performers of rock music now have a great opportunity to market their wares to rock loving consumers."

By High Metal Council decree, the High Noon Saloon in Madison is hosting a massive rock-n-roll event on Rock Tuesday, the MAKE MUSIC MADISON SHOWCASE, which will feature performances by the very best local rock-n-roll provisioners from 6 PM to midnight. The line to get into this event is expected to be miles long, so rock consumers are advised to get there early.

The High Noon showcase will include performances by face melting specialists YOUR MOM, the KELSEY MILES BAND, and SUNSPOT at no extra cost.

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