Weekend Update 111316


Have you looked at it?

I haven't. But I will soon.

Translated into Japanese, that was a haiku.

As I write this, I'm chillaxin' to some free form jams at Funks Pub and reflecting on my action packed weekend.

On Friday night, Deborah and I had a decent gym workout, consisting of exercise biking for about a half hour and a few laps in the pool. I completed an hour of piano practice when we got home.

I spent most of Saturday morning sequestered in my music workshop honing the songs that the Kelsey Miles Band would more or less successfully perform on Saturday night at the Bos Meadery, before Deborah and I attended a massage therapy seminar with our good friends Sherry and Tyler, after which we had dinner at my favorite Madison Thai restaurant, Ha Long Bay.

The Bos Meadery show was well attended, and our rocking garnered at least one confirmed 2017 wedding gig.

I drove a few Ubers of Shame on Sunday morning. When transportation demand dwindled after the start of the Green Bay Packer game, I returned home and spent an hour and a half blowing leaves and depositing them on the curb for pickup by the city at some future time. This substituted for my workout, though I have to say, "the leaf blower made the work pretty easy."

This was followed by a board game called Revolution in which Deborah and I were crushingly defeated by her son Devon, as we always are. I practiced piano for an hour after that, learning the A section of the jazz song "Song for My Father," which has some tricky syncopations. It still needs work but I made great progress in the 40 minutes that I worked on it. I also refreshed the two Bach tunes I have been polishing for a while, emphasis on speed. The daily piano practice is paying off.

I headed to Funks about 8 PM, and here I am. In a few minutes I'll jam a couple tunes with the band formerly known as MOBIUS STRIPTEASE.

How was your weekend? Leave a comment. There is no word limit and I read and respond to every one of them.


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