Commercial Christmas Canceler

Someone should design an app that let's you cancel your Christmas shopping with other people on your Christmas list.

So let's say Deborah and I set an upper limit of $50 on gifts for each other. Basically, we cancel each other out and don't have to get each other anything (at least not for Christmas...we usually get each other things here and there year round).

Holiday shopping is really not good for anyone except corporate retailers. We collectively bought their guilt trip hook, line, and sinker, even though there is nothing but misery dealing with holiday traffic and annoying shoppers.

You are probably calling me "a Scrooge" or "a Grinch" in your mind right now, which supports my case better than any other evidence I could submit, since I am one of the nicest and most giving people there is.

Maybe we could change the custom so that we only buy presents for children five years old and younger who still think Santa is real. Then donate to charity in the name of people on your list older than that.

*If you didn't get the pun in the Rudolph picture above...it's "you'll go down in history."

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