Holiday Travels Part 1

I am sitting at Gate 3 of the Dane County Regional Airport anticipating a flight to Denver in a couple hours. I'm off to visit my sister Kate and her family for a week between Christmas and NYE.

Take off was delayed about a half hour, but not before I checked the flight schedule from home about an hour before heading to the airport. But I can't complain; it's more time to write and read my Nook book.

Other people are complaining though. They're dicks, taking any opportunity to demonize the airlines. Don't get me wrong, the airlines do empirically suck, but c'mon...a 25 minute delay is not something to get bent about, even if it is Christmas eve.

What does suck especially hard for me though is that I am not with my soul mate and love of m'life Deborah. As much as I wanted her to come on this trip with me, she unfortunately works for THE proverbial MAN, and if we intend to go on our planned winter vacation after the New Year, she needs to work this week to sequester some vacation time. A perk of cosmic free agency is that I can take trips whenever I want, funding permitting.

Deborah and I spent the day together doing fun things before she took me to the airport. After we woke up this morning, we did 15 minutes of guided (by YT video) meditation, disrupted only by Deborah's alarm going off unexpectedly during it. Then I did my ritualistic hour of piano practice while Deborah made us protein shakes and chillaxed with her son Devon and his GF Gretchen in town for the weekend and staying in our guest room.

Tickling the ivories accomplished, we packed gym bags and headed to the gymnasium, by way of some quick last minute Christmas shopping, for about an hour long workout. I aerobicized on a recumbent exercise bike whilst doing Welsh and Spanish Duolingo exercises on my tablet, and finished my workout with 100 ab crunches (in batches of 10 - 30 at a time).

The aforementioned interlude of Christmas shopping was a stop at a hand-made soap shop (Side Note: The Welsh word for "shop" is "siop," pronounced "shee-op.") called LUSH. We picked up a few items here with fairly high expediency before continuing on to the gymnasium.
"If a TSA agent asks me what these are," I quipped in the car, referring to some of the recently purchased cosmetics. "I probably shouldn't say they are BALMS."

After the gymnasium (and I am totally using the unabbreviated form of this word for Deborah's benefit, since I am pretty sure she's reading it), we undid both of our entire workouts with large bowls of delicious curry at a local Thai place.

Returning home, we wrapped any remaining unwrapped Christmas gifts. And by "we" I mean mostly Deborah, although I did put label stickers on the gifts post wrapping, with messages like: "To Julie; From KRAMPUS THE CHRISTMAS DEMON."

We spent the remainder of the evening watching some TV and having dinner together before I did a final pack of my carry on bag and we headed for the airport. It sucks to leave my sweet baby on Christmas Eve, but since we aren't religious (she's actually technically Jewish) the Christian perversion of the ancient pagan winter solstice celebration is really only marginally more important of a Saturday than any other. Plus, it was the only cheap flight I could find by a long shot. Normally Christmas Day is the cheapest day to fly, but apparently not when it falls on a Sunday.

So here I am chilling at the Madison WI airport on Christmas Eve, killing about an hour typing out this blog post on my phone until I turn it off to save the battery. The flight to Denver is about 2.5 hours, with a one hour time zone adjustment in my favor (1.5 hours on the clock). I love time travel, even if it's minute. When I get to Denver Intergalactic Spaceport...er, I mean international airport...sorry, I was time traveling a bit to far there, I'll acquire the rental car my dad secured for me and meet my folks at a hotel near the airport where we'll spend the night before, if all goes to plan, driving the 90 minutes down to Colorado Springs CO on Christmas morning.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment...

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