Holiday Travels Part 2

It's barely 20 minutes into Christmas Day (Mountain time zone) and I just moments ago arrived at the Airport Hilton where I'm sharing a room with my parents before we head down to my sister's place in Colorado Springs in the morning.

Things were going smoothly and expeditiously up until I arrived at the inappropriately named EZ  Rental Car dock to get the car that we'll use this week. The line there was slow and the staff were unhappy to be working Christmas Eve, but at last I secured transport (I believe it's a somewhat appropriately named, given the occasion, Hyundai Santa Fe) and drove the seven miles to the hotel. Once there, I was greeted amicably by reception, handed a key card after brief introductions, and directed to our room on the fifth floor. I must sign off now to retire. In the morning, I anticipate a grand breakfast spread at the hotel before we hit the road to Colorado Springs.

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