Holiday Travels Part 5 - Eats

After the purging outdoor sauna, I took a shower in the bathroom of Carl's mountain cabin and then set about learning the rules of the board game EVOLUTION that I got my whole family for Christmas. It's a pretty straightforward game of "eat or be eaten," as you try to develop (feed and reproduce) your species' Darwinian fortitude.

My sister made a lamb stew for supper, which we subsequently ate. Carl had gotten me a variety six pack of mostly Coloradan craft beers (the two outliers being a Czech and a German beer) so I used the holiday as an excuse to break my dietary restriction on beer drinking and had one of them with dinner. It was a Scottish Style Ale and though it was quite tasty, it didn't agree with me, as Scotch Ales often don't.

I rounded out the evening finishing the book "The Girl on the Train" on Nook next to the wood burning stove while the rest of the fam' watched the movie "Dances With Wolves" for the Nth time where N is most likely a double digit integer.

My sister paused the film after the epic tatanka hunt scene in which no bison were actually harmed, because she wanted to put my niece and nephew to bed. Everyone else took that as a cue to start their nightly ablutions, so I took the opportunity to do my daily Duolingo exercises in Welsh and Spanish before it was too late. Goal met. I'm also counting today's sauna toward my meditation daily goal.

As I conclude this post, I'm on an air mattress covered in blankets that can only be described as faux bear furs. Everyone else is in slumberland and I suppose I'm not far behind them. I wish the love of m'life Deborah could be here with me, although that's mostly selfishness on my part. I'm am sure she's having pantloads of fun back in Wisconsin. But at least she can enjoy my holiday travels vicariously through these blog posts.

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Merry Xmas!

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