Holiday Travels Part 6b - Carnivores' Dilemma

We finally got around to playing a practice run of the EVOLUTION board game I got for my family for Christmas. My mom and pops and I played to get a feel for the rules. They are fairly straightforward with a few questionable nuances. For example, if one of your species has the trait card called WARNING CALL, does it protect that species from predatory carnivore attacks or only adjacent species?

One thing that is fairly certain...the game is more interesting with more players. The game is designed for a maximum of six players, but that is only a structural limitation that is easily remedied with simple household objects (such as small bowls to be used as food collection bags or drawing additional species boards on a piece of paper).

Another observation is that it doesn't seem optimal to have carnivorous species early in the game, but rather bring them in later when there are more species and larger populations available to eat.

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