Holiday Travels Part 6a - Fiesta Mexicana

I just ate an orange. Keeps the scurvy at bay. I'm back at Carl's mountain shack after the evening's shenanigans, which involved seeing an awful movie (The Assassin's Creed...don't bother) and eating decent Mexican food with my sis, niece, mom, and pop down the hill in the town of Woodland Park CO. Between the flick and the food, I had my sister swing by a grocery store where I picked up some eggs and a block of cheese, because there seems to be a dearth of hard protein at Carl's. Kate's family leans toward the proverbial "granola" region of the 3D dietary spectrum.

I succumbed to a bit of a power nap this afternoon. I think the thin mountain air makes me sleepy. It definitely makes me thirsty because it's so dry. The power nap disrupted a planned practice run of the EVOLUTION board game I bought my whole family for Christmas.

My nephew Ty is sitting across the kitchen table from me now watching episodes of "The Six Million Dollar Man" on DVD. I watched a little bit of it and I am always amazed that I once thought shows like this were good. "Magnum PI" is another one. In 40 years Ty will probably look back on today's "modern" programs with a similar feeling of disbelief. The actor Lee Majors sure looks young. I most recently saw him in "Ash vs Evil Dead" playing the father of the show's main character, Ash Williams.

I took a short walk up the dirt road Carl lives on this morning with my mom and pop. It wasn't sufficient to count toward my daily workout goal, but it was good to get outside.

I am not sure how long we'll be up here at the mountain cabin, but at some point I think we are going to some kind of mineral hot springs place that has Native American healing powers. My sister likes to play things kind of loose and be adaptable, so I'm just biding my time letting my brain go to mush and generally meditating on life in anticipation of the start of the new year.

I'll think on my new year's resolutions and put a proposal together here shortly. Thanks to my Mastermind accountability group, I already have a pretty good handle on goals and objectives. The most pressing matter when I return to Wisconsin in a few days will be exploring and likely applying to the Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program at Edgewood College.

Well, Steve Austin is about to save a bunch of people from disaster, so I'm signing off.
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