Holiday Travels Part 8 - Down the Mountain

Shortly after finishing my previous post, most of my family (except Carl) left Carl's mountain cabin and drove off the backside of Pike's Peak down to my sister Kate's house in Manitou Springs CO, where I'm writing this, prostrate on a memory foam mattress in her study/den/family room. The air is 2,000 vertical feet denser here, and although still demonstrably alpine, I feel less shortness of breath upon exertion.

I drove down the hill with my pops in the overpriced rental car while my mom and niece went with my sister in her car, and we made a couple of pitstops at a Walgreens and a Safeway grocery store, respectively, before arriving at my sister's. Pops and I scored coffees at the Starbucks kiosk in the Safeway.

I was thrilled to once again have access to a piano and immediately set about tickling the ivories on the one my niece has in her room. I spent a decent amount of time refreshing some of the songs I often work on at home in Wisconsin. My niece also has a marimba and I noodled on it briefly, but it is a completely different animal from piano, notwithstanding that its keys are laid out the same.

One of my sister's local friends, Courtney, stopped by and my mom had a potent chat with her before we all went out to dinner at Adam's Mountain Cafe, a fancy eatery close to Kate's house. I ordered a chicken curry dish that I envisioned would have far more vegetables in it, based on the menu description, than it did. It was tasty enough, but was essentially a grilled chicken breast in a very shallow pool of curry. My mom remarked that her salmon enchilada dish "had about a tablespoon of salmon" in it and she had to ask for a side of black beans to bolster the nutritional content of her meal. Notwithstanding the dearth of food, the company was pleasant. When the group ordered desserts, I was "good" and just got a coffee instead, which probably explains why I am not sleepy at the moment. I felt a little awkward not getting dessert when everyone else did, but only briefly, because phuc it all, it's my life and I can do what I want.

Before we went out to dinner, I got a call from my sweet baby Deborah back in Wisconsin and we chatted a spell. I am enjoying the reflective solitude of my holiday travels, but I am also looking forward to heading back to Wisco this weekend. In my prior post, I outlined most if not all of my new year's resolutions and I am eager to get a jump on these starting on Sunday (New Year's Day).

I'm especially looking forward to my two week social media fast, during which I hope to pound out a ton of book writing whilst also probably applying to go back to school and pursue a new career direction in marriage and family counseling. I wonder if I can delete the Facebook app from my phone without also deleting Facebook messenger, which I need to keep for certain business related communications. I might scope that out after this. My blog posts automatically publish on social media without me having to log in, so I can still continue my systematic writing without having to access social media. The irony is not lost on me though...while I am enjoying the freedom (and possible withdrawal) of being sans social media for a fortnight, I know full well that my readers will still be mostly finding my posts via social media. But I am not responsible for other people, only myself. I would love to lead by example and have my readers fast from social media with me (it's only two weeks!), but I know they won't be able to shake the potent addiction to soul sucking and productivity destroying social media, and that kind of validates the whole reason for my fortnight of social media fasting experiment.

I am going to go read a book now.

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