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Contact: Joe Leonard, ragbraijoe@gmail.com

MADISON WI, December 7, 2016 - On news that the world's "Peak Social Media"* has been reached and surpassed, Cactus Joe has begun divesting emotional capital from social media platforms in anticipation of the accelerated American social death spiral predicted to occur after Donald Trump is inaugurated.

"I had a revelation when I received this email [see thumbnail] from one of the so-called social media gurus I once subscribed to for reasons that I increasingly don't fathom," Cactus Joe said. "The gurus get rich off these Facebook advertising schemes that don't actually work 99% of the time. Don't get me wrong...I own Facebook stock. But mostly for the same reason I own McDonalds stock...people are addicted to it and they can't stop consuming it. But in both cases it's junk and too much will kill you. I don't touch the stuff!"

Facebook and social media use is estimated to cost the U.S. economy over $5 trillion in lost productivity, hopes, aspirations, and dreams.

"Every minute you spend on Facebook is a squandered minute," Cactus Joe said. "That rational political diatribe you spent a half hour writing in response to the divisive right wing meme your "friend" posted on Facebook was completely useless. Although you were certain when you wrote it that it would make him see reason, in fact no one's beliefs or reasoning abilities were in any way bettered by it. Most people didn't even read it. Those that did were actually DUMBER as a result. And you could have been listening to music or taking a walk or even having sex during that half hour..."

*Peak Social Media is similar to peak oil in that demand for social media has exceeded the ability to mine any useful information from it.

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