A Thank You to the Destined to Fail NY Resolutioners Underwriting My Gym

Word on the streets is that health clubs get a huge infusion of cash in the first couple months of the year as throngs of ambitious new year's resolutioners flock to them. These underwriters help to pay the bills so the clubs can keep member fees low. 80% of new members fall of the fitness wagon around mid-February, but the membership contracts are paid for the year, so members who consistently come still get all the benefits paid for largely by those that don't.

Now don't get me wrong. I want everyone to get exercise and be in good shape. But reality is reality. This is why I own McDonalds stock too. Junk food sucks, but it sells. So I just wanted to thank the doomed slackers for allowing Deborah and me to work out any time we want at a nice, clean facility with three indoor pools and free classes and whatnot. That's huge.

That being said, the gym is horrendously overpopulated at the moment. Way too many undesirable people, like unsupervised kids and people talking politics and naked old guys parading around the locker room. I am looking forward to mid-February.


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