Donald Trump Gets "The Biscuit" (aka "The Button")

Dear Friends,

I don't normally wax political on this blog (see the 2 Minute Reader for that), but I am not sure how much time we have together before we are all engulfed in a nuclear inferno and so I just wanted to say, on the eve of an epoch of existential insecurity, that I love you all.

Tomorrow, Donald Trump gets "the Biscuit," also known as "the Button," although it's actually just a card containing the launch codes for the entire American nuclear arsenal. Here are the facts on the ground:

1. The President keeps the Biscuit in his pocket at all times. An aide to the President carries "the Football," a briefcase with the equipment and information to actually order and launch a nuclear attack.

2. There are zero (nil, none, nada, not even epsilon) checks and balances on the President's decision to launch nuclear weapons at any time. That order will be followed without question by the aide carrying the football and the American military. This sounds like it should be false but it is absolutely true [SOURCE].

According to CNN:

"The president has supreme authority to decide whether to use America's nuclear weapons. Period. Full stop," said the Arms Control Association's Kingston Reif. A president could only be stopped by mutiny, he said, and more than one person would have to disobey the president's orders. [SOURCE]

3. Donald Trump is thin skinned, reactionary, and does not take criticism well. He arguably also has a loose grip on reality.

If anyone wants to guesstimate the days (or hours) between Trump's inauguration and the reduction of the Earth's surface to a radioactive slag desert, I will entertain those, but the winner will get no prize for obvious reasons.

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