Fin de Fortnight de Facebook Fasting

Tomorrow (Sunday 1/15/17) marks a fortnight of my fast from Facebook and most traditional social media, per one of my new year's resolutions. I was 100% successful. I did not need nor miss social media. It did not need or miss me, so I believe our relationship has reached its logical conclusion and we can be "just friends."

Much like when you break up with a love interest, being "just friends" is universally understood to mean "let's avoid further interaction and pretend the other never existed."

Works for me.

I was unable to find any compelling reason to remain connected with social media, and the thought of going back on it terrifies me in light of our current fantastically effed up socio-political situation. I neither want to be reminded of it, nor do I want to be distracted by uninformed political diatribes and bickering amongst my so-called Facebook "friends."

And if you are an actual friend that happens to be connected with me through social media, recognize that we do not need social media to stay connected. Invite me out for coffee or a show and we can "chaw the fat," as they say in the vernacular. Let's take it analog and old school. And if that's not appealing to you, then "let's just be friends" (see above).

If I do briefly go on social media tomorrow, it will be to purge. I think you know what that means. If we are tacitly connected on social media but never interact there, I expect I'll "unfriend" you (what a horrible expression). People I like may just be "unfollowed." In any case, after that, I plan to stay off social media for at least another fortnight, or perhaps longer if my encounter with it tomorrow proves as terrifying as I predict it will be.

As a great person once said, "I don't hate you...I hate us."*


*Note: I said it.

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