Start Using LYFT (Rideshare) and Get Free Rides (Promo Code HAPPYFUNRIDE)

I just started driving for rideshare service LYFT. I really dig it. One of the perks is that I can share my promo code (happyfunride) to give first time LYFT riders $10 or more off their first rides.

I figured I may as well help out my readers (you!)* by sharing the promo code. The easiest way to get it is to click THIS LINK. But if you'd rather not, then proceed as follows:

After you download the LYFT app on your device and log in, find PROMOTIONS on the dashboard. Then enter the code HAPPYFUNRIDE. If you are new to LYFT, that will put $10 or more (depending on your location) on your account to use toward LYFT rides.

I have been driving for Uber for over two years, and I can give you a promo code for NEW UBER RIDERS too. Contact me directly if you want that.

As far as which rideshare service is better...they are about the same. Lyft is probably a bit less expensive during peak demand for rides, when Uber is surging.

I hope you find this helpful in getting from point A to B.


PS. Clicking on the Lyft or Uber thumbnails above will also get you free rides.

*Note: In full disclosure, I do get a kickback from LYFT for referring new riders.

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