How Is Facebook Tweeting You?

Hi Friends, Fans, and Family.

As you may know, I just passed the halfway mark of my second fortnight of social media fasting. My 2017 new year's resolution was to abstain from social media interaction (primarily Facebook, since I seldom used Twitter or other platforms) for two weeks, starting on January 1st, with the caveat that if nothing bad happened (it didn't), then I would continue it for another fortnight. As far as I can tell, I have not missed anything important, leading me to conclude that important things are not happening on social media. In addition, my brain is slowly being "unwashed," which is an ironic way of saying free thought and rational, logical thinking abilities are returning to full capacity. I also have more time and mental energy to direct at real world analog things, like writing and playing music. My brain is so "clean" right now that I literally feel euphoric.

I'm theorizing (and there is a good chance this theory is not new or unique to me, and a low but significant chance it's wrong...) that the main purpose of social media is to fatigue and soften users' brains to make them more susceptible and suggestive to advertising and political propaganda. That would certainly jibe with the targeted advertising and political memes that appears on social media sites with great regularity.

That being said, I own Facebook stock and it's going gangbusters. I wouldn't buy it now, because the share price is ridiculously high, but if you got in on the IPO, like I did, you are sitting pretty. But Facebook is designed to addict people to using it, and you should always invest in addictive things. That's why I also own McDonalds and Sam Adams (beer) stock, both also doing very well relative to the market average. As with McDonalds, Facebook is junk, toxic to your mind and body. But please keep using it...my ongoing free agency (aka, underwriting) depends on it.

Do you use Facebook? How is it treating you? Are you addicted? Could you live without it? Why or why not? Leave responses in the comments below.

Now here's a gratuitous pic of a pretty brunette girl wearing a tee shirt and smiling, to brighten your day.

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