M'Burpday Facials

It's my burpday weekend. My present is having the opportunity to rock-n-roll at my own party on Saturday night (tonight). I'll be rocking the bass guitar and facial expressions with YOUR MOM, the legendary* local cover band, who are hosting. It's at the Come Back Inn downtown (Madison WI) and starts at 9 PM. Do come!

I am quite happy that the university students are still away on winter break. They're good kids, but I prefer not to have a bunch of rugrats spoiling the party. This means we should have the place pretty much to ourselves, not a bad deal. I like being able to barter my rock-n-roll talents for a fully equipped free party venue.

*Author's Note: Whenever I hear people call something "legendary," I always translate that as imaginary, rather than a thing of legends, the actual definition. Anyone else?

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