Second Fortnight of SM Fasting Largely Without Consequence

I just celebrated the successful conclusion of my second fortnight of social media (SM) fasting by checking Facebook to see what kind of damage my absence from SM has had on the fabric of time/space.

I was thrilled to discover that the effects were virtually nil. The only discrepancy was that I missed my buddy and shredder guitarist Derek's Facebook event invite to go see him play solo at the Up North Bar (Madison WI) on Friday January 27th. As disappointing as that was, it would not have made much difference if I had known about it, because I had a conflicting gig the same night, playing bass with the Kelsey Miles Band semi-acoustic trio at the Grist (Lake Mills WI), formerly known as Carp's Landing.

Conversely, my attendance at the KMB show was quasi-optional (they often do it as a duo, sans me) and had I known of Derek's show far enough in advance, I might have opted to stay local that night.

That being said, the KMB show paid fairly handsomely by local music venue standards and I was able to use some of the proceeds to neutralize (settle up) my running ledger balance with Deborah on Splitwise, a definite and very satisfying plus.

So in conclusion, the advantages of regular social media use are still far outweighed by the disadvantages,* notwithstanding the example above. I have yet to discover a truly compelling reason to discontinue my ongoing social media hiatus, so I am extending it for another fortnight. The challenge is on the table for social media to prove me wrong...

Upon my next brief social media check in, I will have almost completed a 12 day tropical vacation to Florida. I tell you this primarily because I will be writing a travelog of the trip here on this blog, and you may want to follow it, because it should be entertaining and exciting. But not to worry if you don't want to subscribe to this blog, because links to my travel posts will still appear passively (sans my direct involvement) on my social media sites, where you cannot miss them if you are sufficiently addicted to SM (and my FB stock share price strongly suggests you are).


*To me!

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