So'sh Media Fast Clarification

Deborah told me to clarify something about the fortnight of social media fasting that I've just embarked on, because she observed, correctly, that my blog posts are still publishing on Facebook (and Twitter), and that some people might think, incorrectly, that I am still active on these social media platforms.

My blogs automatically publish to the social media sites on which you find the links, without any active participation on my part. This is an automated function of the blog services I use and does not in any way necessitate me accessing social media sites. It's actually a pretty nice feature, allowing my readers to easily find my posts without me having to do anything. It is kind of a pain in my arse to turn this auto posting functionality off on my blogs, so I shant. But if you are seeing links to my blog posts on social media, it's because YOU are on social media, not me.

That being said, if you like or comment on something of mine you see on Facebook that's great. It will help Facebook target their ads better to you. However, I won't be aware of it. You can always just visit the blog and comment there. That I will probably eventually see.

So I hope that clarifies my ghost activity on the so'sh media. I'm off the meme sauce for an indefinite period. I'll let you know how it goes. Ciao!

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